The base
Blend of Judgement, background and track record behind your speedy solutions

Unique blend of Judgement, background and track record behind all your solutions

Hands-on experience and engagement in every step from catalyst development (formulation, preparation, deposition and deployment) to model development (including complete coding of the core models) to field experience in successful scale-up, design and construction as member of process and project teams of E&C companies for multiple technologies and debottle-necking operating plant reactors worldwide.

Balanced background of fundamentals (from academic positions) and practice through field/work experience in/for technology, petrochemicals, catalyst, E&C and simulation companies

Reactor is the heart
of process technology
- new or old. it
defines the technological edge of
a Company.

Judgment in discrimination between alternate information sources, methodologies, procedures, correlations and databases to create effective and easy solutions with adequate details

Theories, correlations and procedures tested and re-validated at every scale from micro- to small- to bench- to pilot- to commercial reactor/ reaction systems of every kindto minimize risk of Scale-Up failure or for switching from one to another reactor system

Zero-failure multi-technology-commercialization-track-record and extensive experience dedicated exclusively to reactors of virtually every kind and backed by coverage and track-record unmatched in the field

Speedy and satisfactory solutions need more than a math-pack

Expertise built on members’ past teaching and PI positions and design, development, modeling, consulting, advisory and debottlenecking services to companies and institutes including...