Bench test/pilot plant campaign
Design, experimental plan/ matrix, execution – for catalytic process

Design, experimental plan/ matrix, execution – for catalytic process

Custom Catalyst: A promising catalyst formulation is the kick-off point for all new catalytic process technology. The journey that begins there usually takes a long and arduous path to commercialization. It may continue beyond for further improvement of the catalyst. Our standardized procedures for catalyst and process development can shorten the path to commercialization by a substantial amount.

Bench/ Pilot Units & Scale-up: Let us design, build and/or operate your bench and/or pilot-scale unit. Our design and operating strategies for these units are to mimic the dominating features (like kinetic, heat/ mass transfer and hydrodynamic behaviors) and expected operating windows of a commercial unit, to the extent possible. Any gap between the two is filled by our expert scale-up model projections. This minimizes uncertainties, cost and delays that are often associated with successive scale-up steps: bench → pilot → demo → commercial unit.

We use a 'forward'
instead of 'back-and- forth approach to avoid 'oops' and delays in Reactor Scale-Up.Our strategy minimizes cost and time of pilot/demo plant campaigns.
Experimental Program: Misguided, lengthy and/or redundant data generation often results from an experimental campaign for a new process development. We help you prioritize the areas of focus in your experimental program by recommending a test matrix that is conducive to a collection of data most useful for promptly establishing reliable reaction mechanism and kinetics, catalyst screening, developing the reactor model and successful scale-p and optimization of the commercial reactor design.