Reactors and reactions of every kind and complexity – including auxiliaries

Reactors and reactions of every kind and complexity – including auxiliaries

Reactions covered include: Homogeneous fluid-phase ● Fluid-solid – catalytic and non-catalytic (solid undergoing conversion) ● Mixed surface and fluid-phase reactions ● Chain reactions ● Non-stoichiometric reactions Any complexity of kinetics

Rectors covered include: Batch ● CSTR ● Packed bed – both catalytic and non-catalytic (solid undergoing conversion) ● Non-catalytic reactor-Regenerator dual bed ● Multi-tubular ● Double-walled (bayonet tube) ● Bubbling/ turbulent fluid bed ● Circulating fluid bed ● Bubble-column ● Slurry (2-phase/ 3-phase) ● 3-phase fluid bed ● Microchannel reactor

Operating modes include: Recycle ● Quench ● Multi-stage ● Temperature-programmed ● Adiabatic ● Isothermal ● Reactors-in-series



Past applications include: Various POX reactors ● Bayonet tube (Double-walled fixed bed-DWFXB) methanol converter ● Turbulent fluid bed (BFB) for Maleic anhydride (world’s first) production ● Tubular fixed bed (FXB) and BFB for Acrylonitrile production ● Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) ● Microchannel for diesel fuel production ● Dual-packed bed (PKD) sulfur absorber ● Bubbling fluid bed (BFB) Laterite ore pre-roaster/ incinerator ● Packed carbon bed for Hg removal from refinery waste incinerator ● Circulating Fluid Bed (CFB), BFB and Moving Bed (MVB) hot gas Desulfurize by zinc titanate ● Coal pyrolysis/ Combustor/ gasifier ● CFB catalyst regeneration ● Oxidative coupling of methane in multiple reactor types ● Trace oxygen removal in PKB ● Hydrocracking in FXB and slurry reactors ● Hydrocarbon Combustor/ burner ● Solid acid Alkylation ● BFB for fuels from tar sands ● FXB, Quench and BFB reactors for chemicals from SG



Design/ experience in Auxiliary Systems include: NOx/ S/ Hg removal ● Coolant/ solids/ slurry flow or circulation loop design ● Internal cooling-coil-bank layout ● Dip-leg and aeration system design ● Filters/ cyclones ● Fluid or solid distributor designs ● Solids conveying-charge-discharge system designs ● Reactor internals/ baffles, cones/ domes, nozzles/ bends, measurement/ control probes, entrance/ exit zones ● Set points for operation & control

>>> Complex kinetics

Other details: Addressing potential instability/ temperature runaway, foaming, fines build-up, depositions, plugging, agglomeration, soot formation, fouling/ coking, attrition, erosion