Ready to use design packs
Complete design packs for key chemical products

Complete design packs for key chemical products

Chemical Packs: Chemical pack is a ready-to-use model that can be used with minimum effort for design, simulation, data analysis, scale-up, optimization and/or revamp of a commercial reactor for production of a key chemical of commerce. Each of these models comes with the appropriate reaction mechanism and kinetics usually involved in the production of the corresponding chemical. These models have been developed upon critical evaluation of information on reaction mechanism and kinetics and simulation of performance data available in public domain on each reaction system. Re-evaluation of the rate parameters for the client’s catalyst (from its performance data) by utilizing the built-in parameter estimation routine of the model is the only effort required for its application. A chemical pack is currently available for the following chemicals and reactors:
Phthalic Anhydride / Tubular Fixed Bed Reactor
Acrylonitrile / Turbulent Fluidized Bed Reactor
Methanol / Double-Wall (bayonet tube) Annular Fixed Bed Reactor

Determine just three rate parameters for methanol reactor for your own catalyst, six for phthalic anhydride and nine for acrylonitrile reactors. Your models are ready!