Reliability and value
For our commitment, zero-failure record and deliveries

For our commitment, zero-failure record and deliveries


We are never satisfied - to make sure you are.
So, we go that extra mile.
We put our deliverables to tens-to-hundreds of tests or checks before they go out.
We are relentless in making improvements . Let us know what you like to see.


We are committed to the best and most comprehensive solutions
...based on fundamentals and actual phenomena.
Deliveries focus on applications and to fit your need.
We do reactors and reactors only.


  • We make sure you save both time and money - and by a substantial margin. We stay focused on it.
  • We keep things simple and easy for your real implementations with practical solutions
  • ...all at minimum sacrifice of quality.
  • Our culture drives our desire and engagement for your best value. Check our record!
  • Our services go beyond design and development stage – to a healthy reactor operating at full potential.
  • We work in all capacities – as a consultant, advisor or a member developer/ designer of your lab or project team.
  • We offer guarantees* on our products, services and solutions.

*Conditions apply

We are at work. So you can relax.