The fastest path
Complete design or Debottlenecking in matter of days – if not in hours

Complete design or Debottlenecking in matter of days – if not in hours

Take the fastest path to 3-D Solution of your reactor
→ Design, Development and Debottlenecking

Pick from a line of road-tested ready-to-use reactor modules from GRM™ smart-pack . Three sets of information are needed for execution of each module for a new system: 1) process mechanism or reaction chemistry, 2) process/ reaction rate expressions, 3) the rate parameters. These sets are called i-Pack1, i-Pack2 and i-Pack3 meaning information packages 1-3.

You may find one or more default packages applicable to your system in our built-in database.

How to build a missing package (say i-Pack3) is also provided.

Enter i-Pack 1- 3 with Quick-entry procedures

Start Case Studies on the Work Page using built-in design specs and operations template of chosen reactor module


Edit template INPUTS to suit your system. Execute!

Review performance on OUTPUT table and in pop-up and detailed plots and tables almost instantly. Revise INPUT specs changing one variable at a time. Repeat the steps while saving the best results. Compare performance and design specs in two bar charts for best-saved cases. Select the best of the best.

Once the three sets of information are gathered the design or Debottlenecking can be completed in matter of days – if not in hours