Refining/ Hydrocarbon processing
FCC, Hydrotreater, FT synthesis, catalyst Regenerator

FCC, Hydrotreater, FT synthesis, catalyst Regenerator

Fischer Tropsch Synthesis (FTS): Due to our extensive background and involvement in many areas in the development of SG technology and FTS process including design, performance analysis, construction, operation and/or modeling of slurry bubble column, Multitubular fixed bed, fluid bed, quenched and Microchannel reactors we are strongly positioned to offer our services in these two key areas of commerce.

Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC): Our expertise and reactor design and modeling tools can be profitably utilized for improved/ optimized performance of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit and other major reactors used in oil refineries and petrochemical plants or for developing next generation systems. In particular we should be able to cut production cost or address more effectively the effect of changing feed-stock or changing demand for product type or specification. Our predominantly mechanistic approach (based more on intrinsic reaction mechanism and kinetics) may prove very useful for improved designs, operational flexibility and/or performance optimization of these and future units.


Also Fluidization and fluo-solids system design is a core area of our expertise. So we should be able to help you design or debug solids circulation loop that is critical for successful operation and control of this reactor system.

Performance simulation of an FCC reactor for Gas oil conversion has been successfully carried out using surrogate compounds for Gas oil, gasoline, dry gas, LPG and coke, and using a three-reactors-in-series (CSTR-CFB-BFB) model.

Hydrotreater/ Hydrocracker (HDTR/HDCR): Based on our experience with design and operational challenges of conventional slurry bed Hydrotreater/ Hydrocracker and critical data analysis of a fixed bed pilot unit of two major companies we are interested in exploring alternate concepts for the next generation units – together with you.