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What we do, our vision and us

What we do, our vision and us

We design, develop and service commercial reactors and auxiliary systems. We help in all steps from concept/idea to commercialization of a new reactor or change/revamp of an existing one.

Reactor/ Converter: for Bulk Chemicals , Flue/Feed Gas Processor/Desulfurizer, Mercury/Pollutants/Trace Removers, Minerals Roaster/Calciner, Coal-Biomass-Waste Pyrolyzer/ Combustor/Gasifier, Syngas Generator, Shale/Natural/Flare Gas Converters, GTL/ BTL/ CTL Reactors, Fischer-Tropsch-Synthesis (FTS), Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC), Catalyst Regenerator, Hydro-Processor, Microchannel Reactors for Fuels & Chemicals/ Process Intensification/ Distributed Energy, Liquid/ Slurry/Multi-Phase

Example process/ products: Phthalic Anhydride, NH3 and Methanol production, Gas Cleaning (Hg, S, HCN, HCl, trace O2 removal), Syngas generation, Maleic Anhydride, Acrylonitrile production, Minerals Roaster/ Calciner, Coal/Biomass/Waste Combustor/Gasifier, FCC, Catalyst Regenerator, FTS, Hydro-processor, DMT production, Fuels & Chemicals from shale/ natural gas

Mission: Our business is reactors. Our mission is to serve clients worldwide with the fastest, assured and most comprehensive reactor services and solutions in industry; to minimize risk and cost of process development; and to provide help in head start and confident decision on new reactor/ technology or change/ revamp of existing one.

Vision: Our vision is for our clients to see reactor as a black box no more and reap its fullest potentials for their process plants.

Confidentiality: Since reactor is the heart of process technology any move on or to this core unit is guarded with utmost secrecy and treated with skepticism. We appreciate the reasons and therefore carry out any and all work with the strictest confidentiality that includes meeting all requirements of a carefully crafted NDA to fully protect our clients.

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