Got smart-pack?
Get stuff done a lot faster and easier

Get stuff done a lot faster and easier

Who says you can’t do it otherwise? Of course you can. But it usually takes quite some time just to get started. Or even to decide where or how to start on a new task – in most cases. Or just to collect all the information that you think you need to use on your own (if you have one) or any other design tool or model. It may take months if not years to get even to this stage. Then it takes so much time just to set up an acceptable input file - including the learning time involved. What about the reliability of the results? Or how many trial-and-errors, hit-or-miss or ‘oops’ before you reach your goal?

The smart-pack has done all the legwork to get you started in a flash for most of your tasks. It then leads you to clearly spelled out steps and standardized procedure including quick entry built on smart UI* to the final and reliable results faster and easier than any other way.

*The UI reads all your rate expressions of virtually any type or complexity and in any way you normally write. The quick entry also prevents wrong data entry including wrong reaction stoichiometry. It picks up all stoichiometric coefficients and species ID’s (for property estimations) automatically as and when you write or enter a reaction or click-pick from the built-in reaction mechanism database. It empowers you with the productivity you need for most of your daily tasks on your reactor or process - under development or in operation. This includes any and all tasks including testing ● alternate mechanism and kinetics, ● alternate reactors, ● alternate design and operating conditions, ● alternate catalyst/ reacting solids formulations, shape, size, pore structures and packing modes, ●catalyst deactivation, ● alternate heat transfer system designs, ● and more - quick and easy - both during the process/ catalyst development stage and also for optimization, operation and control of the operating reactor, and for Debottlenecking, retrofit and revamp as and when needed.

The 3-way information and data entries by 1) the quick entry mode, 2) through built-in templates and 3) single Work Page (Work Page) plus instant display of all results and outputs upon execution - first with summaries as pop-up tables and plots right on the Work Page and then more and more in complete details in follow up pages and spreadsheets should make all your tasks quick, simple and easy.

All tasks begin with this page where you define your objective....

This is easy and can be accomplished in a matter of days, if not in hours.

The system models and the chosen reactor design would then be ready for validation and fine-tuning by lab and/or pilot plant tests.

You are now also ready to take the design to a NEW level. Choose alternate reactors or reactor configurations (for example operation with recycle, quench or multi-staging) and use the same easy 3-step process to find the best reactor solution to satisfy your need. The Work Page instantly displays graphical comparison of design details and performances of the alternatives to help you make the decision quickly.

Go ahead!

Once Scale-up, Design and Optimization of a Reactor is accomplished the same reactor module package smart-pack would be utilized to help in the Operation and control of the reactor.

Analyze, model, develop, de-bottleneck, upgrade/ revamp, service, catalyze, Innovate

  • The same Work Page is used for all.
  • However, the primary product for these is a system model (simple or rigorous – depending on the case) developed based on a) analysis of lab/ pilot plant/ commercial plant performance data (current and old), b) process/ reaction mechanism/ chemistry and c) rate parameters estimated by the built-in parameter estimation routine.
  • This system model is then utilized as a quantitative tool (if needed and/or for better solution) to promptly

de-bottleneck, upgrade/ revamp, service, catalyze and innovate.

  • To de-bottleneck, upgrade/ revamp or service the current performances (or lack of it) are compared with design/ past performances and with projections by the system model. Changes/ improvements in design and/or operation are then recommended.
  • For parameter estimations the Work Page results are shown in parity plots between data and model projections.

Detailed, clear and step-by-step procedure for carrying out each task is provided

Catalyze: Acceleration aided by the smart-pack . It can dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk of reactor/ process/ model development

Innovate: The smart-pack takes Reactor Design to Main Street - away from the grip of experts alone. Reactor is a black box - no more! And design and development are made simple and easy. An entrepreneur should find it useful for innovative catalyst and process developments